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Website Form

This option is for AFTER you send in your payment for your website. 

Read the description for the website service along with my policies.

Add service to cart, checkout and send in payment.

Submit an outline or fill out this
Website Form.

Please verify this is correct, this is how I will contact you!
Please note, some domain names may already be taken
For example; Is this a portfolio website of your work? Is this a boutique? Restaurant? Is this to inform people about your company? Is this for your community organization? Is this to advertise an event? etc.
For boutiques and shops, email over all high quality pictures and please make sure the title and sizings are either labeled or you make note of that in the email (For example; -the blue long sleeve dress is called "Miami Nights" and its available in S and M). My email is
This will make sure we are on the same page as to what you expect your website to look like
What pages do you need?
For example; Home- "Welcome to my boutique banner" "Follow us on social media banner" "$25% off sale pop-up", About Me- "I was born and raised...... I created my business because..", Policies-"All sales are final. Once item has been delivered, etc.", Shop-"Add categories: Dress, Tops, Bottoms, etc.", Contact Us-"Instagram feed display and email sign up", etc. 

Here is where you'll attach your logo files

Feel free to email these to instead
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Standard Turnaround Time is 14 business days. This is to confirm your project is NOT a rush order. If it is a Rush Order, I will reach out for any additional payment.
Website Photos
Email over any photos you want included on your website. My email is
Please refrain from sending screenshots, snapchats/instagram stories, blurry and low resolution photos. High quality iPhone pictures and photo shoot pictures ONLY. Logos MUST have transparent background or additional fees may be required.

Thanks for your submission! Please be on the lookout for an email from!

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