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Please read & contact me before purchasing if you have any questions!

Ordering Process

Read the description for your design service
along with my policies.

Add service(s) to cart, checkout and send in payment.

Fill out this
Design Form.

Wait the allotted time 
from an email from

Ordering Process


Due to the nature of my services, I do NOT provide refunds. Once payment is submitted, your order is in progress and payment is final. Please ask any clarification questions before booking services. If you do not like a design presented to you the first time it's shown, you WILL NOT receive a refund. 3 editing sessions are offered to get your ideal design so it is u to you to detail to me what it is about the design you don't like and allow me to edit it. Please ask any clarification questions before you submit payment. You are more than welcome to cancel any service at any time.



My primary form of communication is email (, text message is used for time sensitive matters only. Instagram DM's and Facebook Messenger are not reliable forms of contact and do not get checked as often as my email. If you would prefer to have an in-person meeting or facetime call, those are an additional cost for certain services and can be scheduled here.

My business hours are from Mon-Fri from 7am-6pm(CST)

You may receive a response outside of my business hours but that is not guaranteed. Rush orders can expect responses outside of normal business hours to fulfill needs. 

Confirmation emails aren't sent out once an order is placed. Once you checkout and submit your design form, your order is submitted and good to go! I will reach out within 24 of your placed order if I have any questions, its a rush order, I am missing any information or missing a payment. Please trust that your order will be fulfilled within the standard turn around time if you did not request a rush order option. No "reaching out for updates" or "just checking in to see how it's going" emails will be responded to unless your allotted time has passed. I will always be sure to reach out to you beforehand if there are any delays in your project.

You can reach out to change your order from standard to rush at any time.

If you take longer than 4 days to submit information for your project, to respond to any edits/revisions sent to your email, or to provide feedback-your project will be deemed abandoned and you would have to place a new order. For example, if you book a business card design and fail to send in the contact and display information for your card within those 4 days, your project will be cancelled. Another example, if I email you your first logo samples and 4 days go by without any form of reply, your project will be cancelled. So please make sure you are fully prepared and your contact email address is correct before booking a service. Please be sure to add to your contact list or check your spam if you're expecting an email from me.
If you're not sure or have any questions, please contact me beforehand.


Turnaround Time

Standard turnaround time for most projects is around 7 business days, which means you will be receiving your first sample(s) in around 7 business days. Turnaround Time does NOT include editing sessions so please make sure you do not need a rush order. Turnaround time can start only when ALL the information from the client is sent in. If your project takes longer than 1 month to complete due to lack of communication on your end, additional charges will apply. I will always communicate via email so please check your spam if you are expecting an email from me.

Rush Orders are $50 for 2 days and $100 for 24 hours or less
For websites, rush orders are $200 for 2 day turnaround and $300 for 24 hours or less

Turnarond Time

Revisions + Editing Sessions

3 free rounds of revisions/editing sessions are given for all projects. Turnaround Time does NOT include editing sessions. Editing sessions can take up to 4 days-up to a day for rush orders for most projects so please include that time when determining whether or not you need a rush order. Please do not "check in" on an order to "see how it's going" until the allotted 4 days is up, you will not receive a response.
When sending feedback, please try your absolute best to sum up
ALL of your notes and desired changes to avoid going back and forth (this can result in additional editing sessions being required which come at an additional cost). Feedback such as, "I like it" and "try a different font" aren't very helpful. For example, if you don't care for the font and color on your first logo sample, don't just let me know you don't like it. Explain why and ask to see it in a specific color and a specific font while possibly providing a references to some ideas you like on google or a hand drawn sketch. I am a visual learner so anything along those lines would help me better understand your vision!

Revisions/Editing Sessons


For Shopify websites, a Shopify account is needed beforehand. Since the platform requires the client to purchase a business membership with them first, I wouldn't be able to make your account for you. You will have to provide me with your account password & login for Shopify before I can start on your website. This means that you will indeed have access to your website while I am editing, but please DO NOT edit anything on your site until I have completed your website. This is just to prevent any errors, additional costly work and to reassure you each item is handled properly. If you do edit your Shopify site while I am editing (without discussing with me first), you will be charged an additional fee. 
Second, you will need to provide me with an outline. This is basically a word or Google document where you type out all the content you want displayed separated by each page. It will be like you are explaining your website to me from scratch.

If you'd prefer, here is a link to help guide you through creating your  website outline.

Once website ownership is transferred over to you, my job is complete unless you decide on a Website Maintenance or Management Course Option.

Please let me know if you have any questions on this before booking. Failure to send this in along with any high quality photos and inventory/price lists for e-commerce sites before the 7 business days will result in your order being cancelled.



Name Your Price Option & Bundles

When applying for the Name Your Price option and Bundle Deals, please remember all policies and service descriptions are still in FULL EFFECT. For Bundle Deals and Name Your Price, either the full amount is due upfront or you can pay half as a deposit with the remaining payment due within 3 weeks or you may be charged an additional fee.
All price offers from the Name Your Price submissions will not be accepted.



Name Your Price & Bunde Deals
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