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My name is Kori McCrary! I am a 25 year old graphic designer from Kansas City, Missouri-not Kansas. A little about me-I’m obsessed with the ocean, skylines, Hello Kitty and any kind of animal. Not too obsessed with beets, red wines and people who litter. Started my graphic design journey a little over 10 years ago in high school, huge shoutout to Ms. Raynor-the absolute best Yearbook teacher ever who made me editor-in-chief (and her favorite student) I started my actual graphic design business in 2016. I was in college, studying to be a fisheries and wildlife major believe it or not. Tons of biology and chemistry-wouldn’t recommend it. Decided college wasn’t for me after dedicating over 5+ years of my life to it (depression + school is a mother) but all in all that’s what was supposed to happen.


While in school, I was working as a social media manager & communications intern for Pickleman’s Gourmet Cafe (still operating my personal business of course). I wasn’t really sure it was going anywhere, was actually a little worried the whole “college dropout loser” feeling would set in and I would be living with my mom for the rest of my life. Not to brag, but after 2 years interning, I was finally offered a permanent position as their salaried Graphic Designer and Social Media Specialist-freaked out even more when they offered me 3 times more than I was going to ask for! That promotion really taught me how to understand my own value and to not underestimate myself. And to also keep doing what you love!


I love graphic design and pride myself on my professionalism, experience and creative ideas. To all my day one clients, I can’t thank you enough for continuing this journey with me and to all my new clients, I can’t wait to introduce you to my design world!



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