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Design Form

This option is for AFTER you send in your payment, you're inquiring about  a non listed service or you're applying for a "Kokes Kommunity" Flyer.

Read the description for your design service
along with my policies.

Add service(s) to cart, checkout and send in payment.

Fill out this
Design Form.

Wait on an email from me after your allotted

ie; children under 5, teen girls, men over 30, etc.
ie; Nike "Just Do It"
Please be specific about the color shade. For example,  "Pastel Pink" instead of simply "Pink".
What Service(s) Did You Book?
Very important to be as specific as possible.  It is not required that you know exactly what you want, but I do need somethings to start off with to make sure we're on the same page visually. Submissions such as "I'm Not Sure", "Make It POP!" and "Just Something Unique" will NOT be accepted. The more descriptive you are about your vision, the less editing sessions you'll have which will result in no additional editing fees.

Here Is Where You'll Attach Any Photo References/Inspiration/Specific Font Styles/Etc.

Feel free to email these to instead
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Standard Turnaround Time averages at 7 business days but it varies per service. This is to confirm your project is NOT a rush order. If it is a Rush Order, additional fees will be required.
Here is Where you will include any specific text, contact information, slogans, pricelists',  and things of that nature that you would want displayed on your E-Flyer, Post Card, Business Cards, Menus, Etc. If you're doing multiple services, please make note of which display text goes to which service. 

Here Is Where You'll Attach Any High Quality Photos and Logos You Want Displayed on Your Card, Flyer or Website

Please refrain from sending screenshots, blurry and low resolution photos. High quality iPhone pictures and photo shoot pictures ONLY. Logos MUST have transparent background or additional fees may be required. Feel free to email these to instead
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File

Thanks for your submission! Please be on the lookout for an email from!

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